Griden EV Charging App

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Griden EV Charging App

Comprehensive EV Charging Stations App

Griden simplifies E-mobility with a comprehensive

EV charging stations app

that not only facilitates charging control but payment, tracking nearby stations, registering electric vehicles, charging history, and a lot more. These advancements make for the

best app for EV charging stations

and also makes EV conveyance supremely convenient.

Your charge stations will be visible for all EV drivers to discover and charge after linking to our application. Furthermore, the software also accepts payments using the Griden EV wallet. So along with being the?

best EV charging station app

, it also consists of features surrounding EV charging.

EV Charging App

Striking features of Griden EV Charging App

Griden prides itself on being a complete Made-in-India EV charger manufacturer that offers advanced EV solutions for ease of EV charging by offering the

best app for EV charging stations


EV Wallet

With an EV wallet, you can pay securely for your charging transactions. A minimum balance is required to initiate charging.

Track nearby stations

With the Griden app, you can easily locate nearby

EV charging stations

and also navigate from the application itself.

Register your EV

To be able to enjoy the features of the Griden app, you are required to register your EV in the app with all the primary details.

Control Charging

At the tap of a button on your app screen, you can easily initiate or terminate your EV charging session.

Book a slot

Prevent hours of idling by booking a slot using the application at your desired public EV charging station.

Transaction history

Determine your conveyance cost, with a detailed transaction history available within the Griden app.

Griden EV Charging Mobile App

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EV Charging Mobile App
Questions From Customers

Can a user start/stop EV charging using Griden EV Charging App?

Yes, we claim to be the best

EV charging app in India

for a reason. Our EV charging app allows users to initiate and terminate their EV charging session using the app. When a user terminates charging in between the session, they are only charged for the session duration from their Griden EV wallet.

What are the basic requirements for charging EV using Griden EV Charging App?

Does the Griden EV charging app facilitate routing to nearby charging stations?

Locating nearby charging stations and routing to desired locations is one of the striking features of Griden EV charging app. Not only does it locate Griden charging stations but every other registered EV charging station in the network.

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