EV Charging Station Installation: What Stakeholders are Involved?

who are stakeholders in ev charging stations installation

The demand for electric vehicles necessitates the demand to install more and more EV charging stations in commercial and residential areas.

Installation of charging station consists of many points, such as understanding various levels of EV charging and deciding which level to get; identifying and finalizing the location, checking the power supply, getting a permit, and more!

Let’s look at the stakeholders involved in installing an EV charging station.

Location holder

You may want to install a public, semi-public or private EV charging station. First, a permit is required to install the fast charging station from the location holder.

Power distributor

As the EV charging station’s task is to provide energy continuously, you must ensure adequate power distribution at the location. Therefore, you need to contact the distribution company from your region and collaborate for energy supply at the finalized space for the station.

EV charging infrastructure company

As the best EV charging infrastructure company in India, we elaborate on every point before installing the charging stations. We help you with understanding various aspects such as which charger level to install, what plug you need, how many chargers are required, and much more. We also debunk the EV myths that you may have.

Charging management software is also required to manage transactions and charger connections. The software is managed by charging point operators. The software tracks and controls charging sessions and manages other backend services, such as charging history, software maintenance, usage analytics, or pricing.

Charging point operators (CPOs)

At public and semi-public charging stations, charging point operators are required. CPOs pitch in the installation and ensure the optimal ongoing EV charging operations. In addition, they manage the backend technologies relating to EV charging and provide the charging network infrastructure. CPOs also maintain connections of the chargers for delivering consistent EV charging.

Installing an EV infrastructure is a huge responsibility. We can help you resolve all your dilemmas and build the finest EV charging stations with an AC or DC fast charger.