Why should Your Healthcare Facility have an EV Charging Station?

Why should Your Healthcare Facility have an EV Charging Station

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have many benefits, especially reducing carbon emissions and consequently saving us from health issues. So, what is stopping you from having an EV infrastructure at your medical facility?

We always discuss how EVs and EV charging stations benefit a business or save money for citizens. It is time to discuss the reasons for installing an electric vehicle charging station at your healthcare facility. So, let’s begin.

Providing convenience to everyone

It is not a question of whether EV is the future of automobiles or logistics; It is the answer itself. Sales of electric vehicles have already reached 4,29,217 units, a rise of three-fold from 1,34,821 units in the year's first quarter. Additionally, logistics and transportation have also started adopting EVs. Ergo, having an EV charging station at your medical facility will benefit everyone.

Healthcare staff, such as doctors, nurses, and administration staff, can use the charging station within your premises. Additionally, you can also deploy a DC fast charger for the visiting patients.

So, it is not necessary that you have to let them use the charging station for free; you can charge a certain amount which can be an excess revenue for the medical facility.

Saving costs

Most healthcare facilities have ambulances. If they are fuel-based, your expenses can fly high as the fuel prices. In addition, you need commercial vehicles to transport medicines, clothes, and other medical stuff. If you have EVs in place followed by EV infrastructure, you can save a lot of resources that may be better utilised.

Improving patient health

Medical facilities have the purpose of improving the health of their patients. And it is not a secret that EVs reduce pollution and enhance the health of everyone around. Thus, having an EV charging station in your premises can fulfil the purpose.

Benefit to staff

If the healthcare facility promotes emission-free vehicles, they may see fewer fuel-based vehicles, at least in the facility. Your medical staff can benefit from Bharat AC 001 Charger in your campus, as they spend an average 8-9 hours working which is sufficient to charge their EVs. As a result, everyone at the facility will adopt EVs gradually, bolstering EV adoption on a larger scale.

Sending emission-free message

It is the primary duty of any healthcare facility to promote better health. Why not add the fast charging station to the facility and promote it? If you do so, you send an emission-free message to your patients and everyone else. The added benefit is people listen to medical staff. So, you are not only promoting your medical facility but also asking them to choose electric vehicles over fuel-based ones for the betterment of society. Lastly, it also adds to your credibility.


As you know, EVs have not only monetary benefits but also health benefits. Thus, medical facilities should have EV infrastructure to promote better health. Hopefully, these reasons convinced you to install one at your facility. As an EV charger and charging station manufacturer, we can help you at every step. So, why wait? Contact us today!