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Charging Management Software

Robust CMS support for your EV charging business

Simplifying the maintenance of EV charging stations is a crucial part of our EV infrastructure initiatives. Thereby, Griden brings forth IoT-based EV chargers that are managed remotely with reliable and secure

EV charging management software



EV charging software solutions

upscale the usage of hardware and software for businesses or personal EV owners to monitor and maintain their vehicles with minimal hassle.

Every charging unit is linked through the cloud, allowing for real-time information exchanges and command transfer for setting availability, reset, fault management, remote transactions, and firmware upgrades. These cumulative software features make for an efficient

electric vehicle charging management system


A detailed view of consumption data, transaction history, and meter readings are made available in the CMS. Further, an overview of information such as location, hardware, connectors, etc. can also be seen in the

EV charging station management system

. Now, lead a strong charging business infrastructure for EV vehicles by monitoring your charging network with Griden EV charging software.

EV Charging Management Software

Striking features of Griden EV Charging Station Management System

Maintenance of EV chargers is no more a hard row to hoe. With the Griden EV charging management system, charge points can be managed remotely.

Remote operations & control

With Griden EV charging CMS you are in control of your EV charging units. Manage and operate your EV chargers remotely.

Real-time diagnostics

Learn about active and inactive charging sessions for every EV charging unit using the Griden EV charging CMS.

Set Availability

At the toggle of a switch, you can set the availability or unavailability of each and every charging unit of yours.

Charging insights

It becomes easier to check overall charging consumptions, units charged, cost of charging, etc., using the CMS charging insights.

Fault Management

Griden’s EV Charging CMS is capable of detecting faults in Griden chargers and resolving software bugs remotely.

Robust & Secure

Griden’s EV charging CMS is highly robust and secure to ensure safe transactions for its users and uninterrupted utilization.

Griden EV Charging CMS

Fostering technology-driven EV charging solutions to grow your EV business

Charging Management Software
Questions From Customers

Is it possible to add chargers other than Griden chargers to the CMS?

Yes, you can add your non-Griden EV charging unit by adding all the details of the charge point and other information such as APIs. After successfully entering the data, you use Griden EV charging CMS to monitor your EV charging stations.

Would Griden provide CMS training to new business owners?

Do you give support in the case of CMS failure?

Griden EV charging management software is highly robust and secure. However, for any discrepancies, we provide ongoing support and assistance.

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