5 Points to Consider for Seamless Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

5 Points to Consider for Seamless Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

It’s becoming all the more important for businesses across varying industries to install commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging stations if they intend to meet the growing demand of their consumers. If you identify your business among the forward-thinking ones, this blog is for you since many companies are reaping benefits by installing EV charging stations.

The commercial space could be a retail space such as a shopping mall, grocery store, hotel, restaurant, office, airport, parking garage, etc. Whatever the location, there are a few common tips for any site.

Here are some tips for installing electric vehicle charging stations in commercial spaces.

Know your business goals

Before installing an EV charging station, you need to unpack the needs of your business. The first and foremost requirement to consider is your consumers. Who will be using these charging stations? A business needs thorough understanding of its target audience because the needs of an EV driver at a shopping mall will be different than at an EV fleet.

Identify the best location

Choosing the right location is critical in electronic vehicle charging station installation. The site must be visible, convenient, and, more importantly, accessible to the nearest parking spot with an available electric supply. Take note of these pointers when identifying the location for installing the charger.

Take the cost of installation into account

Once the location is identified, you need to consider the cost of installing the charger. The installation cost varies based on the type of equipment and the required infrastructure. For instance, the price would be high for an EV fleet, given the broader scope of vehicle management.

In comparison, the cost for a single-unit installation outside a retail store would be relatively less. Ensure to consider the long-term benefits of providing EV charging to your customers. Weigh the pros against the cost of installation, then take a call.

Consider the power supply requirements

The charging station will need a dedicated electrical circuit, which should be installed by an authoritative electrician. The power supply requirements would vary based on the charging level required. For instance, a Bharat DC 001 charger is ideal to charge vehicles with battery voltage less than 100V. Of the several types of charging levels from 1 to 3 DC fast chargers, choose the equipment that meets the needs of your customers.

Take the parking space into account

Consider the parking layout when installing an EV charging station since it’s essential to offer enough space around the station for the EV driver to plug in the car for charging. If there’s no space for the vehicle to be parked and charged at ease, installing a charging station will hardly help your consumers.

Wrapping Up

EV charging station installation for any commercial space is daunting unless you have your requirements figured out. Once you identify the location, check the customers' inflow and other conditions, and understand the electrical equipment's requirements, installing the EV charging station gets easier. If you’re scratching your head on getting started with it, leave that to us. We're only a call away.