Why should EV Businesses Use EV Charging Management Software?

Why should EV Businesses Use EV Charging Management Software?

The inability to control all aspects of a business could be daunting. To solve this, enterprises integrate management software and tools.

Similarly, for all EV charging operators and e-mobility providers, EV charging management software enables owners to provide a good EV charging experience and control all aspects of EV charging. While this is one of the reasons businesses use management software, there are many others.

Let’s examine why EV businesses should use EV charging management software.

It simplifies managing charging points

One of the most tedious tasks for an EV business is to keep track of charging units. Management software comes to the rescue here as it automates the process of managing charging points. Each charging transaction is recorded in real-time relieving operators from any manual data entry job. You can fetch meter readings, view payments history, set availability, view hardware configurations, location and more using the EV charging management dashboard.

It is intuitive and easy to use

Depending on the company you choose to purchase the EV management software, the design may vary. However, with Griden’s EV Charging management system, you’re sure to get an intuitive and seamless design that’s easy to use for your team. In fact, even the least tech-savvy members can operate the software without any special training.

It offers real-time and historical data about charge points

An EV charging management system keeps track of all transactions made at all charging stations. With Griden’s EV charging solution, you can get user data on parameters like number of sessions per charger, payments, usage, faults, power consumptions, etc. for each charging point.

It significantly reduces downtime

Since Griden's AC and DC chargers are IoT-based, any faults in the software are monitored and handled centrally. Therefore, EV charging businesses are relieved from the hassles of repair. Griden’s EV charging stations are monitored remotely which implies the cost of manpower to operate them can be eliminated or greatly reduced. Only in case of hardware downtime, you need to call on the number provided and our engineers will come to resolve the issues.

It allows you to set charging availability

You can set availability or unavailability of each and every charging unit of your EV charging station. You can easily do so with the help of the toggle switch. It is especially helpful during downtimes. If the charger is faulty you can set it as unavailable. EV owners will not be able to locate that particular charger in their mobile application until you have its availability.

It enables secure transactions

Secure payments are a sure-shot way to gain credibility. Our EV charging management software ensures robust and safe transactions among admin users and operators to offer an even more seamless EV charging management.

Final words

An EV charging app is beneficial for individual EV owners in locating stations and charging their EVs. In the same manner, an EV charging management software is quintessential for EV charging station operators for monitoring and control of their EV charging units. Griden being India’s fast-growing EV charging infrastructure company is providing cutting-edge technology support for our operators so as to bolster India’s EV goals.

To know more about the software or app, or EV charging options, we’re always only a call away.