Understanding 5 Important Features of the Griden EV Charging Application

Electric vehicle charging station

Electric vehicles are gaining much-needed popularity as they help the owners contribute towards the environment as well as save bucks in the long run. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the installation of EV charging stations or points, the need to streamline the charging process arises

Thus, to combat the routine challenges of electric vehicle drivers concerning the availability of points, payments, and more, we have introduced an EV charging app by the name Griden Power EV Charging. So, buckle up as we uncover some of the most valuable features of the application.

Track Nearby Stations

With the increase in demand for electric vehicles, the number of charging stations is rising as well. However, finding one nearby or on the go is a problem for several EV drivers. That is where our application comes in. You can identify the location of electric vehicle charging stations or points on the go and access the one which suits your route.

The best part is that you can navigate to the desired station through our application, eliminating the need to take support from external applications like maps.

Electric Vehicle Wallet

In this digital era, people prefer wallets over cash any day. The electric vehicle wallet or EV wallet is a digital payment feature that allows you to pay for charging transactions securely. All you need to do is link any of your bank accounts and enjoy paying without worrying about modes of payment.

The main aim of EV wallets is to streamline and simplify the entire payment process for EV charging. Moreover, EV wallets offer several benefits, including security, convenience, and centralized management. In addition, you only need to meet the minimum balance criteria to initiate charging.

Control Charging

Thanks to technology, electric vehicle drivers can now enjoy the convenience of controlling their vehicle charging sessions through the application. One of the primary features of our application is the ability to control the session through a tap which helps you initiate the power flow to the battery.

Moreover, the application provides more information concerning the charging rate and time to complete the charging, allowing electric vehicle owners to track and monitor the charging process. You can also stop the charging session with the help of the relevant button on the application.

Book a Slot

Reaching the electric vehicle charging station only to find all the slots busy might annoy the driver apart from causing inconvenience to the person. It is because charging an electric vehicle may take longer than getting conventional fuel.

Therefore, booking a slot through our application at your relevant public charging station is a wise idea to enhance the convenience and efficiency of the charging process. Moreover, it also decreases the environmental impact by preventing drivers from idling around for hours, emitting needless pollutants into the atmosphere, and ultimately hindering the climatic condition.

Transaction History

Transaction history is an essential feature of the electric vehicle charging application as it enables users to track and monitor their charging activities concerning costs, energy consumption, and charging patterns. The entire information ultimately helps owners or drivers identify loopholes, if any, to improve their charging strategies.

The transaction history generally involves monetary transactions, and the feature promotes accountability and transparency. Moreover, the recorded and stored data allows users to access necessary information for reimbursement purposes.

Wrapping Up

From navigating and scheduling your charging to making payments, our application enables you to do it all from a single platform. So, whether you own an electric vehicle or are looking forward to joining the community, understanding and exploring the features of our application will help you streamline the entire process currently or in the near future.

About the application, you can find our best app for EV charging stations on the app store and play store.