5 Steps to Purchasing & Installing Your First EV Charger

5 Steps to Purchasing & Installing Your First EV Charger

You are here because you probably have purchased your first electric vehicle. Congratulations!

Even if you have not yet purchased an EV, you may have many questions, such as what type of charger you need, do you have enough space in your parking or not, and so on. Fret not! We are here to help you out.

This blog will give you all the necessary information for buying and installing your first EV charger. Let’s start with the steps.

1. Analyse the EV battery capacity and charging needs

The first and foremost step is to analyze the EV battery capacity and charging needs. How many times do you need to charge your vehicles in a day? Your answer will consist of two parts. First, how much the miles can the fully-charged battery run, and second the miles you need to drive a day. This analysis will help you choose the EV charger.

2. Understand the types of chargers

You must understand the types of EV chargers and levels of EV charging before you choose your first EV charger. So, there are two types of chargers available.

  1. AC (Alternating Current) charger
  2. DC (Direct Current) charger

Now, different countries have various charging standards, including India. Here is the list of majorly used chargers in India.

  • Bharat AC 001 Charger - Level 1
  • Level - 2 AC Charger
  • Bharat DC 001 Charger
  • GB/T - Standard developed by China
  • CCS -2 - Standard developed by Europe
  • CHAdeMO - Originated by Japanese automakers

If you want to understand more about these chargers to select the right one per your requirements, you can always contact us. As the electric vehicle charging station company in India, we can guide you at every step of selecting and installing your first charger.

3. Check the electricity supply in your garage or parking

Next, you need to check the power supply as per the charger you have selected. Additionally, you need to consider here the analysis of the battery capacity and charging needs. If you have enough power supply, you don’t need to take any action. If not, you have to arrange a new power supply or you can get solar panels. Although it’s completely your call, we can help you choose one option.

4. Contact the EV charger manufacturer

If you have come so far on your own, kudos to your efforts and expertise! From this step onwards, you need an electric vehicle charging station manufacturer like us to help you purchase the charger and install one at your place, for a secure and stable EV charging setup.

5. Conduct the installation process

We can guide you to install your first EV charger, or we can even install it for you. Either way, after installation, we will give you some do’s and don’ts of using the charging station so that you don’t face any accidents while charging. Also, we will share some charger maintenance tips, so your charger lasts longer.


You have started your journey towards zero emission. Well, it is just the beginning. You must follow these steps to find the right EV charger. Additionally, you need to maintain your vehicle as well as the charger. As it is your first time, you may need basic guidance. That’s what we are here for. Contact us for more details and guidance. Happy charging!